Sunday, May 01, 2005

Spring Weekend

Spring weekend still went on even due to the rainy weather. There was a boat race, a movie viewing, many parties, and bands. The boat races were my favorite, I thought it was hilarious that 6 boys thought that a piece of plywood would float as they were all aboard and paddling around the pond.
On another note, I'm very excited to finish up the last week of classes and begin packing up to drive back home.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas

This interesting interpretation of people's awareness can easily be compared to the Iraq war. Just as people went to look at the boy, they ignore his presence during their daily routines. This is true with the Iraq war, we as Americans have rallied against our President and our troops. However, when it comes to the headlines of the papers saying Iraqis or Americans have died, we acknowledge that headline and move on. Unless we are directly effected by the war by having family members and loved ones over in the war, we simply continue on eating our breakfast and skimming other headlines. The nation as a whole is said to support our American troops, but I admit I haven't thought out our troops all day until I was suggested to make the comparison. This is just like the little boy in the basement room. Noone acknowledges him unless they choose to, then they return to their everyday lives and supress the thought of the little boy shivering in the damp basement with little to no food and or clothing.
Its a chilling interpretation that should hit Americans to the core, we aren't doing all we can. Whether or not thats the fault of the American population or the President is a completely different story. We should take the time out in every day to remember what our troops are doing for Iraq's democracy and their future, or that little boy in the basement.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Inauguration Weekend

This weekend is hectic. After working in the Annual Funds office this past week, I realized how crazy this weekend would be. It was amazing how the campus completely transformed in honor of this occassion. A tent was constructed and a floor put down and food cooked and mulch laid. The campus looks quite nice, the weather is wonderful too. I volunteered to register guests on Friday...I realized how many pounds of blue and white m&m's Wheaton College orders. We went through quite a few boxes just at the registration table.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Hate Crimes

The hate crimes that have occurred on the Wheaton campus can be considered to be unfair, unlawful, degrading, wrong. I'm glad that the campus is taking action with letting it be known that Wheaton will not tolerate hate crimes. However, in the back of my head I wonder, "Why did it take this long for Wheaton to take action?" The crimes were reported, PS investigated, and only now they're having a rally? Was the school silently speaking with lawyers? Were the girls?
That and as much as I support this rally, is it feasible to think that this will eradicate hate crimes at Wheaton? Sure, this will establish the awareness that is needed on campus, no forms of hate will be tolerated, but will a rally on the dimple diminish the problem entirely? I sure hope so; however, I'm a bit more realistic than that.
The one thing I have been trying to make sense of this entire weekend since we had class is homophobia. ho-mo-pho-bi-a (n.) =fear of or contempt for lesbians and gay men ( What would a bunch of boys fear from two girls who are obviously not interested in them? How on earth are they "threatened" by these two girls.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Adventures with Kate

My roommate had her friend come visit on Friday night. Her friend left that night with my roommate's wallet still in her purse. Her friend is from Hull, Massachusetts...not so close to Wheaton. A sophomore floormate, soon to be suitemate next year, Kate and I ventured up to Hull to retrieve the wallet. The weather was so so, with occasional patchy spots of rain. We had an easy time getting there, retrieved the wallet, in fact, we also got some free pizza out of the trip. My roommate's friend was on her shift at the pizza joint she works at so she thought the hour drive up there was worthy of some free pizza. It was some good pizza too. Kate and I started on our adventure back to Norton while enjoying the free pizza. It turns out that we drove down this one side road to see these GIGANTIC houses that faced the ocean. We continued down the road for a long time, indeed, it was a LONG time. It turns out we ended up in North Scituate. Oh how I dont like North Scituate. Kate and I stopped at a general store to ask for directions. The only person working there said,"oh, lets go outside, I'm a visual person, i'll show you directions from there." She comes outside and says go this way and there should be a police station on the right, take a right there. Wait, maybe theres a police station on the left, well either way take a right. (WHAT?)
We finally find our way to a main road that we know, NO POLICE STATION ANYWHERE TO BE SEEN. Indeed, this was quite the adventure. Our supposed two hour trip took almost three hours, all because of a wallet.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

"The Female Body"

Today's class was say the least. There were a few silent moments and a few over sharing moments. Spring was in bloom today, perhaps this was not the best day to be discussing "the female body." It was kind of interesting to compare how a first year college student would interpret the writing as opposed to how the professor interpreted it.

The idea of the barbie doll is a big issue that parents address when raising a little girl. Should they have the incredibly busty, rail thin, bleach blonde doll to play with? Is this going to give her the wrong idea of what women should look like? We could say the same thing with little boys and their infatuation with guns. Is it true that if a little boy plays with guns he will undoubtedly become a crazy killer later in life? We cannot take these things for their face value.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Spring Arrived!

Spring is finally here. The warm weather has arrived! The weather allows people to enjoy their walks to CVS, allos people to do homework outside on a grassy area, run outside without freezing to death, and makes walking to class that much more enjoyable. We can hang up our winter coats and change into flip flops. Okay, maybe not flip flops just yet. But I have high hopes for some good, warm weather.

The conversation during class about protests was interesting. The way that the class went from hacking as a form of protest to the civil rights sit ins was kind of interesting. A good handful of the class that protesting is a mocking practice now, with the protest designated area on inauguration day for President Bush. While other students thought that hacking into government programs/databases was a dishonorable act, some thought it was a mere act of protest. The hacking into databases is almost a violent act. There is a reason why you're not suppose to access the files, so why access them? People will only get hurt, there are reprecussions to illegal behavior. I have a hard time wrapping my brain around the idea that hacking into government databases is okay, and at that its considered an art.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Spring Break

Spring Break went way too fast, the flight back to school was turbulent. This past week is a blur...I slept in, saw family, saw my boyfriend. But the time was way too short. I am back at school, I am back in class. I have 7 more weeks until I go back home. Hopefully these next 7 weeks will go quickly.

The article we read "Can you babysit for Lexus tonight?" was a unique spin on an more common practice than we think. I meet people here and there where they introduce themselves and you take a doubletake, excuse me? your name is what? I think the true pinnacle would be meeting someone named Espn.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Guy Saldanha's Visit

Guy Saldanha visited our class to regale us about his photographs from the past decade. I found his photographs to be quite interesting but I was unfortunately bored to death with his monotone voice. You would think that a so called artist would seem abit more enthusiastic about their work. His pictures were fantastic but the way he presented them left a lot of room for improvement. I had had my diet coke of the day, the caffeine was running through my veins, but this photographer caused me to almost fall asleep. I feel awful that he had that kind of effect on me but I think alot of the class would agree. His photographs do argue that work in factories make a large impact on the US economy. We couldn't be as successful without our coal production, steel production, etc.

This past weekend seemed to fly by. Spending a good chunk of my saturday in the library trying to figure out my computer and the library wireless connection nearly made me lose it. The library hires people to be knowledgeable about what programs they offer, so shouldn't they know how to help me with the wireless internet. Nope, guess not. This weekend was all work and no play, spring break will hopefully be all play and no work. I'm looking foward to that so much....t-minus 5 days.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Where are you, Spring Break?

I have one midterm this semester, a midterm that I should be stressing about, but I can't stop thinking about how great spring break is going to be. Midterms should bring fear to all those who have to take them, but the satisfaction of flying home after my midterms to see family and friends overrides all negative thoughts about midterms. I miss my friends and family. Its an never ending cycle. When I was home for winter break, I missed Wheaton. Now that I'm here at Wheaton, I miss home. I'm ready for the warmer temperatures of Virginia. I'm ready to go run with my highschool distance team. I'm ready for it all.

I found Susan Sontag's writing to be very thought provoking. I full heartedly agree with her idea that photographs are only a snapshot of an entire event. That once photographs are spread, they are democratized. Photographs will always be democratized whether we like it or not. However, I don't want someone who has seen a photograph to feel as though they've experienced the actual thing. These photographs probably have emotion spilling from them but not as much as anyone who experienced the actual event. Sontag said that photographs "feel like knowledge and therefore power." This is entirely correct, we feel like we understand the subject, the event, the horrific occurences when its only a false knowledge.

Monday, February 21, 2005

The Lysosome

My Biology 112 assignment took up my entire weekend. When I say entire weekend I mean my Friday afternoon, I mean my Friday evening, I mean my Saturday morning, afternoon, and even night, I mean my Sunday morning, my sunday afternoon, and YES I mean my Sunday evening. I have never worked on a project for so many straight hours in a weekend. My mind is so rattled with information about my lysosome I can't remember what other classes I have to do work in. I started my work for other classes at 11pm, Sunday night. I'm sorry, but that is ridiculous. No project should be assigned one week and due the following Monday when this much work was necessary. My group and I went through 10 bottles of Elmers Glue. Not to mention the amount of money we spent on this bloody project, not to mention the number of times we had to run to the store for more material, not to mention the amount of time we sat in my hallway elbow deep in paper mache. No lysosome should be expressed in such a great scale...the size of a yoga ball. Our teacher said he is going to measure each part of the organelle to make sure that our conversions from actual size to 1.5 million times larger are up to snuff.

Talyorism has never been so well represented than in my high school in Fairfax, Virginia. Students are bred to take as many AP courses as possible, become a top athlete, and then go onto UVA, Virginia Tech, or JMU. Mind you I took many AP courses, ran track and did gymnastics, I resisted the path and chose to come to Wheaton. My tayloristic highschool can only do so much. You could call me a soldier if you want, for I dispersed from the mass of Northern Virginia highschool students who go to the same colleges with the same high school people. Taylorism can work to maintain order, yet soldiering can never be eradicated.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

The Big Event Weekend

I went to the big event this past weekend with my roommate and floormates. Each one of us took turns on the inflated obstacle course, an obstacle course that proved to be difficult for some and easy for others. Each of us switched partners to race against, sophomores vs. freshmen, roommate vs. roommate, etc. A few people chose to go on the mechanical bull, a bull that threw each and everyone of them off in less than a minute. However, the highlight of the night was watching the two sophomore girls across the hall sumo wrestle. Both being under 5'6", it was a fierce fight. It looked like two fat midgets were running at eachother with their stomachs being used as defense mechanisms.

I also played chauffeur for a bunch of floormates. One went to Newton, Mass and another to Providence College. We made the best of the time though, listening to 90's music that everyone knew the words to.

After going through the technological fast, I have never been so glad to have my watch back. I am a person of routine....I love to have my watch on my wrist where I expect it to be. I thought it was interesting that people gave up what they did, whether it was a watch, video games, AOL instant messenger, or even a hair straightner.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

this weekend

I spent four or five hours at Emerald Square Mall with my floormate, because his cell phone wasn't working. His roommates, my roommate, and myself all patiently waited at the Verizon Cellular store...waited for hours, long and tedious hours. In the end, his cell phone was fixed, I have a new found hatred for the Verizon Cellular store.

Trying to create a new posting for my blog has proved to be quite challenging. We spent an entire class period learning how to master this technological wonder. I've accepted that I am technologically impaired.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A little bit about myself

I'm from Northern Virginia, right outside Washington D.C. The thing is when I tell someone where I am from, they're fascinated at the idea that someone actually lives outside of New England. A handful of people ask if there are palm trees in Virginia, I cannot say that I have ever seen any palm trees outside of Washington D.C. That, and I notice people here are not very friendly...driving back up to school I have been bombarded with crazy drivers. I must say...I miss the South.

Might I add, I have never seen so many Dunkin Donut establishments in my life!